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Energy market expertise

Entego Advisory offers expert energy market advisory and management consultancy to utilities, generation project developers, energy retailers, regulatory bodies and governments in the Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Entego also provides expert domain advice in energy markets. specialising in development of energy strategy and procurement for contestable electricity and gas customers in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Management Consultancy and
Energy Advisory 

Expert Guidance

Energy can be complex. Our experienced team can provide independent and impartial expertise on a wide range of aspects of electricity and gas markets.

Entego specialises in providing consultancy services for commercial, operational, compliance, trading and regulatory characteristics of wholesale and retail electricity and gas sectors.

Energy Market Operations and
Market Services

Optimisation, Strategy and Efficiency

Entego Advisory can assist with the intricacies of wholesale energy market trading and portfolio management.

We have expert domain experience in the design, implementation, operation and testing of energy market trading systems, market analytics and business intelligence tools and other supporting electricity and gas billing and settlement systems.

Together with our technology partners, Entego can effectively develop a solution tailored to your needs.

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Energy Strategy, Procurement and Contract Management

Commercially Focused

Entego offers specialist advice on energy tendering and procurement. We have extensive experience in the development of commercial electricity and gas agreements and procurement requirements.

You can rest assured that your energy procurement will be fit-for-purpose for the unique nature of your business, unlocking value and reducing contractual risk.

Data Analytics and Modelling

Data Driven Results

Entego can assist your business in developing commercial, operational and forecasting models to deliver the insights you need.

With a breadth of experience in the development of data models, optimisation, analytics, forecasting and visualisation, Entego can help drive results.

Let the data help drive your commercial decision making.