Energy strategy, procurement and contract management

Leverage our experience to develop your energy strategy and optimise your business's energy portfolio

Energy strategy and portfolio services

How does my business benefit from engaging Entego Advisory?

Energy strategy and procurement can be complex. Energy, fuel prices and tariffs can fluctuate over time.

Market dynamics also heavily influence electricity and gas market prices daily.

The Entego Advisory team is consistently monitoring and understanding market changes to ensure your business stays ahead of the pack and reaps the benefits.

Objective and Impartial

Independent and impartial advice is crucial in ensuring that your business receives the best electricity and gas contract pricing. 
Entego Advisory can manage your energy tendering processes to ensure your business benefits.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts know energy. Entego Advisory can advise on electricity and gas contractual risk. We understand the T&C's and can help your business navigate potential pitfalls. 
We also structure and optimise agreements to suit the ongoing needs of your business.

Focus on what is important

Trust Entego Advisory to do the legwork for you. We maintain relationships with all the quality retailers to ensure that your business receives the best electricity and gas market rate for your energy needs.
In the meantime, you get to concentrate on running your business.

Ongoing Partnership

Entego Advisory works hard to negotiate the best deals for its clients. We also offer ongoing services to make sure that your electricity and gas contracts are being managed and reconciliations are done correctly, saving your business time and money.

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Creating Value for our Clients

Informed Decisions

Some businesses don't realise they have the ability to choose their electricity and gas provider for their energy requirements.

Energy contracts are not always apples-for-apples and price is just one component. There can be pitfalls in terms and conditions that can increase risk and exposure to your business.

Entego offers expert advice to allow you to take control of your energy costs and manage your contractual risks.

Competitive Tendering

Entego engages multiple electricity and gas retailers to gain maximum exposure for your energy procurement requirements.

This ensures that your business receives the maximum benefit in a competitive tender process - resulting in the best market outcome.


Entego offers a full-service tendering and advisory service.


Don't be satisfied with your current energy retailers' billing processes. Ensure your business keeps control of costs and be assured that due diligence is being conducted for each billing cycle.

Entego Advisory offers ongoing energy reconciliations, contract metrics and structured reporting to help you understand your obligations and risks.