How can your business benefit?

Energy Utilities

Entego can provide expert domain advice to optimise: commercial arrangements; energy trading strategy, electricity and gas market operations; market compliance; and reduction of operational risk.

Entego can assist in the assessment of the impacts of regulatory and market change. We can quantify the impacts and help bridge the gap during reform processes.

Along with our technology partners, Entego can also develop end-to-end integrated system solutions designed to drive value.

Commercial and Industrial

We provide independent, impartial advice for your business's energy strategy.​

Control your energy costs and ensure your energy procurement is optimally structured for your business operations.

Benefit from our experience and ensure that energy reconciliations and contract metrics are timely and correct.

Regulators and Governments

With extensive experience in the design and operation of energy markets; and expertise in the assessment of the commercial, technical and economic impacts of regulatory and market change; Entego can provide qualified advice to support the market reform or regulatory change process.